News archive - Economic Inclusion of Women Entrepreneurs During Covid-19 in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

The EXPO 2022, project on Economic Inclusion of Women Entrepreneurs was organized by UNWOMEN, Association of Business Women in Serbia and Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on October 6. The event was dedicated to innovations, potentials and sources of funding for female entrepreneurship, and over 150 women entrepreneurs from WB region participated in it.

In the first panel, entitled Transformation of business for the purpose of further growth, leading entrepreneurs from Serbia and representatives of SME support organizations from BiH and Croatia shared their experiences. As Sanja Popović Pantić, president of the Association of Business Women of Serbia and senior research associate in the Institute Mihajlo Pupin, emphasized, businesswomen in the region chose smart strategies in order to overcome the latest in a series of crises caused by the pandemic, so they entered into strategic partnerships such as the general hospital AciBadem Bel Medic or like Shoppster, the largest platform for online sales in the region, who integrated digital and electronic media and thus increased sales.

photo credit: UN Women/Sasa Djordjevic

Panel “Transformation of business for the purpose of further growth”, Sanja Popović Pantić –moderator, Jasmina Knežević, founder of Bel Medic and Executive director of Aci Badem Bel Medic, Ljiljana Ahmetovic, Director of Shoppster (from left to right)

The second panel was dedicated to the women’s entrepreneurship and innovation and highlighted three great examples of twin transition.

photo credit: UN Women/Sasa Djordjevic

Panel Women & Innovation

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