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Science and Technology Park Montenegro together with ICT Cortex and Montenegrin Telecom are announcing the development of the portal, through which the activities of the Montenegrin ICT and innovative community would be communicated, technology trends monitored and the latest news from the region and the world published.

The goal of the portal is to promote the ICT industry as a S# development goal and the joint influence of all actors so that ICT becomes a strategic branch of the development of Montenegro, an industry that will help solve the problem of unemployment by attracting a greater number of people who will engage in ICT occupations. As honorary members of ICT Cortex and important partners on the road to digital Montenegro, Science and Technology Park and Montenegrin Telekom are strong partners in this project.

The portal will also serve as a platform for job creation and human resource development on the market, as well as a B2B platform for different projects in sectors of technology, innovation and ICT.

Namely, we believe that together we can create a new online media for the ICT industry, modeled after similar media in the region - Netogracija CEE; Ict Business Info,, … In this way, this project would enable professionals and the general public to have all the information in one place that should help them achieve the following goals:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of digitization at both the micro and macro level;
  • Awareness of new technologies and ICT trends;
  • Promotion of the startup scene and strengthening of innovative activities;
  • Information about legal regulations and incentives / barriers in ICT;
  • Transfer of activities from working groups/councils in charge of digitization, business advice Weekly interviews with experts from ICT, business, innovative organizations, successful companies...
  • Promotion of IT talents and their successes;
  • Promotion of professors and other academic workers who contribute to IT development;
  • Promotion of the activities of the project holder (Montenegro Telecom, STP, ICT Cortex) and joint projects in the field of education and improvement of the ICT industry in Montenegro;
  • Live streaming from meetup events on the portal and accompanying accounts on social networks;
  • The portal will work in cooperation with Capital City TV and the content of IT shows will be published on this TV page.
Geographical focus
  • Montenegro
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General

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