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The Summit came after over 19 months of fighting a pandemic. The EU and its Member States have stood by the Western Balkan partners, demonstrating their solidarity with an unprecedented package of €3.3 billion in financial assistance, associating the region with its emergency management mechanisms and sharing almost 3 million doses of vaccines, in addition to those received by the region from COVAX.

The European Commission welcomes the following main results of the Brdo Summit:  

  • A dedicated Agenda on  Innovation, Research, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport for the region, which will promote scientific excellence, reform the region’s education systems, reinforce opportunities for the youth and the cultural sector, and help prevent brain drain.
  • A detailed action plan agreed by the Western Balkan partners for the implementation of the ambitious goals of the Green Agenda, focused on reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, managing an energy transition, putting in place a circular economy, supporting the protections of biodiversity and advancing  sustainable farming and food production.
  • Endorsement of a recent rail action plan for the region.
  •  Preparation of a roadmap for the voluntary reduction of roaming charges between the EU and the Western Balkans, following the entry into force of the regional agreement introducing roam-like-at-home regime between the six last July.
  • Agreement to enhance cooperation between the EU and Western Balkan partners on core security issues, in areas such as hybrid threats and disinformation, cyber, space issues, military mobility and counterterrorism, together with continued support for countering illicit firearms trafficking.
  • Enhanced regular political dialogue with the region and the holding of EU-Western Balkans Summits as regular events.

For more information, please consult:

Brdo Declaration, 6 October 2021

Factsheet on a Western Balkans Agenda on Innovation, Research, Education, Culture, Youth & Sport

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