News archive - EU4TECH PoC signs a further two contracts for prototyping

EU4TECH PoC has signed a further two contracts to support prototyping actions– this time for 2 projects from Serbia. Both projects originate from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Niš.

Project “ATUVIS” – (Autonomous Train Undercarriage Visual Inspection System) is the work of a small team led by Professor Aleksandar Miltenović while the team behind project “PIB” (Pre-Insulated Masonry Construction Brick) is led by Professor Goran Vučković.

“ATUVIS“ is focusing on creating solutions for the visual inspection of rail vehicles. The device under development will enable autonomous train undercarriage visual inspection that can be performed directly on the track while the train is in operation. This eliminates the need to take the train out of service and transfer it to a specialised inspection pit.

Such a change would significantly reduce operational costs and inspection time as well as improve safety and maintenance efficiency. Under the PoC project a prototype will be consucted to verify the ability of the camera to move over rough terrain, take any desirable undercarriage position and position the camera in lateral direction. The team intend to use the resutls of the prototyping test and the device constucted to seek partnerships and customers for the next stage of development.

Project “PIB” is developing a new type of energy efficient masonry brick with enhanced insulation capabilities, enhanced heat capacity for energy storage and which enables faster building construction by offering reduced labour demands. Under the PoC project the team are validating their analytical predictions by performing laboratory testing of the new masonry brick model. If the prototyping tests are successful, the team will pursue further development, and serial production with an industrial partner.


Alongside support for prototyping, EU4TECH PoC has been working with the teams to investigate how best to protect and then exploit their technology. This has included investigating the patentability of the technology and how a patenting strategy would fit to the target markets as well as exploring freedom to operate issues and ways that teams can use specialised know-how as their key intellectual asset.

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