News archive - The XIX Conference of Astronomers of Serbia gathered over 120 participants around the world

Stellar and interstellar space physics, galactic and stellar systems, cosmology… are just some of the topics of the Nineteenth Conference of Astronomers of Serbia, which is being held online from October 13 to 17 due to the epidemiological situation.

Konferenciju organizuju beogradski Matematički fakultet i Astronomska opservatorija
Over 120 participants - scientists, professors, students and astronomy enthusiasts from all over the world will get acquainted with the scientific achievements in this field in the last year and exchange scientific opinions with colleagues.
Prof. Dr. Andjelka Kovacevic from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Belgrade points out that this conference is in many ways different from all others so far.

"This is the first time that the National Astronomical Conference is being held in a virtual format, the only thing that has happened is a hybrid is the opening section. At this conference, for the first time, we have two special sessions, the first dedicated to gravitational waves and under the auspices of the COST action for gravitational waves and black holes, where the director of COST action was our guest at the opening, the second special section is the section dedicated to interdisciplinary areas. "

Professor Kovačević adds that the participants of the conference will have a unique opportunity to listen to the presentations of eminent professors of astronomy from universities around the world.

"We have about 120 participants, and at the opening we had a special guest Professor Wang from the Institute of High Energy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, there are Professor Stefani Komoza from the Max Planck Institute in Germany, we also have guests from the diaspora, such as Professor Deborah Šijački, who is a full professor at the University of Cambridge.
The conference is a place where young astronomers from Serbia can present their first scientific results.

Dr. Jelena Kovačević Dojčinović from the Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade notes that special emphasis was placed on amateur astronomy, popularization of astronomy and increasing social awareness of its importance.

"A lot of students are involved in this conference. However, I think there would be more interested students if we had more astronomy represented in the media and in schools. So now at this conference there will be astrophysics students who have not yet finished their studies, there will be doctoral students, and a lot young colleagues who have just graduated, who will have the opportunity to present the topic of their doctorate ".

Papers presented at the conference will be published in the publications of the Astronomical Observatory, which represents a significant and lasting contribution to astronomy as a science.
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