News archive - Programme of Implementation of Open Science Principles in Montenegro with the Action Plan (2020–2022) adopted

The Government of Montenegro adopted the Programme of Implementation of Open Science Principles in Montenegro with the Action Plan (2020-2022) at its session held on June 25, 2020.

The Programme is rooted in several national strategic documents and represents the first phase in aligning the Montenegrin research ecosystem with Open Science principles in the European Research Area (ERA), where Open Science is becoming the default mode of operation for researchers, research funders and other stakeholders, all in an effort to create a favourable environment for strengthening scientific research activities in Montenegro.
The implementation Open Science principles should actually contribute to the greater use of results obtained through scientific research, better integration of science and economy, i.e., science and society as a whole and, as a result, to development of new research that would benefit the overall society. In doing so, the Open Science goals must be pursued with full protection of ethical norms, copyright and intellectual property rights.
As primary components of Open Science in the Montenegrin scientific research environment, which need to be further developed, the Programme recognizes open access to publications, open access to research data, as well as open access to research infrastructures - which is actually a key tool for advancing the development of research and innovation, and enabling greater networking with potential beneficiaries from the academic, business, public and civil sectors.
The Programme thus envisages the following:
 »­ Providing open access to peer reviewed scientific articles;
­ » Providing open access to national academic publishing;
­ » Enabling open access to research data in line with the principle “as open as possible, as closed as necessary”;
­ » Encouraging the preparation and submission of a data management plan within the research process;
­ » Providing for accessibility of research infrastructures (facilities, resources and digital infrastructures) where they have been acquired or established through public funding, as well as providing for interoperability of digital infrastructures with international digital research infrastructures;
­ » Awareness-raising, strengthening the skills and training in the field of Open Science for all Montenegrin science stakeholders;
­ » Acknowledging the practising of Open Science in research assessment.
The Programme of Implementation of Open Science Principles in Montenegro will contribute to the fulfilment of Montenegrin vision which is aimed at greater openness of research activities so as to better serve the overall society, and the necessity of efficient and transparent spending of public funding designated for research activities. Therefore, Open Science should not be understood merely as a way of opening up the research process, but rather as an instrument for driving innovation, strengthening the integrity and inclusiveness within the research sector, as well as creating better connections and cooperation among all stakeholders in the scientific research process.
The Programme of Implementation of Open Science Principles in Montenegro with the Action Plan (2020–2022) can be downloaded HERE.

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