News archive - [Document Announcement] Exploring the performance gap in EU Framework Programmes between EU13 and EU15 Member States

STOA - the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology of the European Parliament has published an update of the study 'Overcoming innovation gaps in the EU-13 Member States' of March 2018. The original study was requested by STOA to explore the under-performance in the framework programmes by Member States that joined the EU in and after 2004 in comparison with the EU15 Member States.

Some hypotheses developed in the original study have been omitted and a new hypothesis has been included. The updated policy options reflect the conclusions of the nine hypotheses formulated in this report, which are also inspired by the conclusions of other recent studies published on the same issue. Finally, eleven policy options are summarised under two dimensions: governance and capacity-building.

What these hypotheses have in common is that they are not applicable to all EU13 MS, having been confirmed for some EU13 MS but rejected for others. In addition, parts of the EU15 perform at EU13 levels. This means that the problems represented by these hypotheses are not specific to the entire EU13 nor absent from the EU15

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