News archive - OECD Factsheet: THE COVID-19 CRISIS IN MONTENEGRO

COVID19 Update

  • As of Sunday 24 May, there have been no COVID-19 cases in Montenegro. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the total number of infected persons was 324, while 315 persons have recovered and nine persons died.
  • Since 1 June, public gatherings (including weddings and funerals) are allowed outdoors and indoors, with the attendance of no more than 200 people.
  • As of 1 June, foreign nationals can enter Montenegro without quarantine/self-isolation. The key criterion for entry is the rate of active coronavirus cases of less than 25 per 100,000 inhabitants in the economy of which the foreigner is a resident and in the economy from which the foreigner enters Montenegro. Currently, the list includes: Slovenia, Iceland, Croatia, Slovakia, Georgia, Switzerland, Albania, Austria, Norway, Monaco, Kosovo*1, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Israel, North Macedonia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Finland and Estonia. For economies with active cases of more than 25 per100 000 inhabitant, 14 days of quarantine/self-isolation remain mandatory. The work of disco clubs/bars, night clubs/bars, kids’ playrooms, cinemas, theatres and kindergartens is allowed in accordance with the instructions of the Public Health Institute.
  • Permits for permanent and temporary residence and work of foreigners, whose validity period has expired, are considered valid until 1 July 2020.
  • As of 5 June, it is no longer required to wear protective masks with the exception of health care facilities, institutions related to social and child protection, and for employees and passengers in public transport vehicles (plane, train, bus, van, taxi).

For more information on economic impact and outlook analysis, please refer to the attached document.


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