News archive - Montenegro: EUR 200,000 earmarked to encourage participation in Horizon 2020 and COST programmes

The Info Day on the Call for Applications of the Ministry of Science in Montenegro for encouraging participation in Horizon 2020 and COST programmes was held on January 17th at the University of Montenegro, providing the potential applicants with the opportunity to get familiar with the application conditions and details. The deadline for applications was extended to 28 February 2020.

On behalf of the Ministry of Science, those present were addressed by Branka Žižić, acting Director-General of the Directorate for Innovation and Technological Development and Milena Milonjić, Head of the Section for EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, who provided detailed information about the Call for Applications launched on 3 December 2019. At the beginning of the Info Day, Milena Milonjić introduced the participants to the details of the Call for Applications and the documentation needed to apply, with a focus on the application form. Milonjić stressed that the Ministry of Science would grant the project holders an amount of up to EUR 20,000 for two-year (2020 and 2021) projects (for both research years), which can cover up to 100% of the eligible costs. Projects supported through this Call for Applications will provide for research on topics from current Horizon 2020 or COST projects. The condition for applying for funds is that there is an identified project to which the team aspires to join and that there is an initial approval of the project coordinator for the Montenegrin team to join the European team. Finally, the platforms were presented where all the necessary information on current projects could be found.

Branka Žižić pointed to the main goal of the Call for Applications, which is to increase participation in Horizon 2020 and COST programmes, as well as to expand and deepen cooperation in other international programmes in the field of research and innovation in addition. In this regard, the aforementioned Call for Applications is focused on expanding research and innovation networks and contacts through new partnerships, as well as on launching such research at the national level that is the same or similar to the research conducted in the EU. It was pointed out that a project planned to be implemented in Montenegro could have such activities that are same or similar (on a smaller scale) to those implemented by a consortium of European partners through the ongoing H2020 project, in which the Montenegrin team would have the status of an observer or third party. In this way, it would be possible to catch up with advanced European research, exercise close communication and cooperation with European partners and facilitate future involvement in larger-scale, EU calls for applications.

When it comes to expanding the activities of ongoing COST projects, these efforts are related to conducting such research or innovation activities in Montenegro for which mobility and knowledge sharing support is provided through the COST programme, but where no research costs are envisaged. The condition here is that the team from Montenegro has already got involved (by the end of the Call for Applications deadline) in one of the ongoing COST actions that does not end this year. Exceptionally, projects where the COST action ends this year will also be considered, if the Montenegrin team has already had strong mobility in it so far, and where the benefits of such a project are clear.

The main criteria for evaluating the projects under this Call for Applications are: implementation and feasibility; the quality of the research team; involvement of young researchers and professional associates; and the impact of the project on strengthening the scientific research or innovation team, institution and state in the selected ​research / innovation area.

The presentations are available here: Konkurs za podsticanje učešća u programima H2020 i COST_M.Milonjić.pdf i Prezentacija_tekuci_H2020_projekti_B.Žižić.pdf

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