News archive - EU supports the Health and Education Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The European Union has so far provided grants of €1.68 million through the WBIF to support the Health and Education Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina by expanding the Clinical Centre to a Medical Campus.

The project implementation budget is approximately €47.5 million including the construction and facilities, which is planned to be funded by of European Investment Bank (EIB) in addition to local funds. This technical assistance was a €880,000 EU grant through the WBIF grant, concerned detailed design of the Medical Faculty, the Centre for Education and Research and the Faculty of Health Care and the Secondary Medical School.

With the finalisation of the technical assistance, this significant investment to health and education sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina is now ready for implementation, foreseen to start in the second half of the 2019 and will provide for better health care services to all citizens and healthcare staff of the Republika Srpska.

The project will also facilitate the provision of better medical education covering the entire spectrum from undergraduate to postgraduate studies and will develop a competitive Medical Research Centre, with the aim of achieving regional and international recognition of the Medical Faculty in Banja Luka.

In addition, this project also resulted in the signature and implementation of an Integrated Waste Management Programme in Paprikovac, concerned about modern collection and disposal of municipal and healthcare waste streams. It will reduce the likelihood of medical accidents and epidemic cases resulting from health care waste.

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