News archive - Horizon Europe: how does the new Framework Programme take shape?

The European Commission is about to present the package with formal proposals for the next Framework Program for Research and Innovation (FP9), thus starting the legislative process that will lead to the approval of the "successor" of Horizon 2020. Find below more information on the background documents and the necessary steps.

The following is a brief summary of the public consultation documents and processes of the last few months: it helps understand the Commission's guidelines and the contributions of other stakeholders (Parliament, Council, Member States, R & I actors , etc.).

Commission's documents are:

  • Horizon 2020 interim evaluation: maximizing the impact of EU R & I (January 2018): the Commission communication that officially closed the mid-term evaluation process of the current framework program.
  • A new, modern Multiannual Financial Framework for a European Union that delivers efficiently on its post-2020 (February 2018): the communication outlining scenarios and financial effects for the post-2020 Multi-annual Financial Framework.

High Level Group's Reports are:

Guidelines of Parliament and Council:

The positions of the stakeholders

  • The results of the mid-term evaluation of Horizon 2020 (May 2017): the key findings and the full working document produced by the Commission services.
  • The responses to the Commission's six public consultations on the funds in the next Multiannual Financial Framework. These include consultation on the investment, research and innovation, SMEs and the single market (results not available yet).
  • The position documents of the R & I stakeholders.

Horizon Europe Timeline: Next steps

  •      May - June 2018 - The Commission presented the formal proposal for the next Framework Program (FP9).
  •      From July 2018 - The Council and Parliament negotiate and subsequently approve the ninth Framework Program.
  •      January 2021 - Start of the ninth Framework Program.

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