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On 17 November 2017, in Skopje, FYR of Macedonia, will take place the International Conference "Challenges of Contemporary Society II". The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for an interdisciplinary discussion of these and similar issues. Papers

The many recent changes that have followed the global financial, political and migrant crisis have brought to the surface a number of growing challenges for contemporary society. These changes have challenged the capitalist system and the ways in which national and global economies are managed. They have provoked new forms of citizen self-organization beyond established forms of political representation, including the increased participation of youth. And they have shaken the European Union project as well as the global political order. What are the future prospects of these global developments? Will they entail greater insecurity or will they provide new opportunities for the advancement of society and human well-being?

We invite contributions from the fields of sociology, political science, communication science, law, management and psychology, medical sciences, education experts among others. Contributions regarding methodological issues related to how to study these phenomena are also very much welcomed. The conference organizers encourage both established and early career researchers and doctoral students to take part in the event in order to stimulate a greater exchange of ideas and knowledge. Conference papers will be published in a special publication of the conference proceedings. Also selected papers will be published in the Annual of the ISPJR. Annual of ISPJR is international journal with the continuity of 10 years".

The conference format will consist of plenary and parallel thematic sessions in accordance with the suggested themes and specific topics listed below:

Challenges for democracy and democratization

  • The new wave of social and popular movements: demands for democratization in East and West, South and North
  • Populist political parties and populist movements: burning challenges for liberal democracy?
  • How to cope with economic and political instability: challenges for the European project
  • Challenging the gender gap in traditional and new forms of political representation

New media, new communication, new identities

  • Old and new media: what is old and what is new in the communication practices of contemporary society?
  • The role of new social media in new social movements
  • New cultures and identities in contemporary society

Social challenges for contemporary society

  • State interventionism, the labour market and pension systems reform: challenges for the current capitalist system and wealth distribution
  • Population and development
  • Culture, folklore, ethos in context of globalisation processes

Management, business and workforce issues in the 21st Century

  • The evolution of organization, work and the worker
  • Managerial and entrepreneurial challenges in developed and developing economies
  • Emerging trends in Human Resource Management   
  • Ethical issues in today’s business world
  • Youth and (un)employment

Current trends and perspectives in education

  • new challenges in education
  • theory and practices in education, contemporary learning and teaching methods
  • educational policies and practices in primary, secondary and higher education
  • adult education – higher education; vocational education; training; life-long learning education; human resource development; organizational learning and change
  • inclusive education and practices – social and cultural inclusion; diversity and equality in education; special education for learning difficulties and disability
  • e-learning, digital libraries; repositories and data archiving


  • Climate changes and migration
  • Dealing with migrants and refugees
  • Capacities for migrant’s integration

Public Health

  • Mental health issues: how to cope with increasing insecurity in contemporary society?
  • Government officials and policy makers: public health strategies and systems; network with other policy makers and NGOs working in the field of supporting the public health development.
  • Health in communities
  • Protecting and Improving the Public’s Health 

Please send your proposals (an abstract of a maximum of 300 words and a short biography) to Marijana Markovikj and Eleonora Serafimovska, and indicate your preferred conference theme/topic.

Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline: 15 August 2017

Notice on acceptance deadline: 30 August 2017

Early registration deadline: 15 September  2017

Late registration deadline: 25 October 2017

Conference fees:

Early registration: 40 Euros

Late registration: 50 Euros

Fee for junior researchers and PhD students: 30 Euros

The conference fee covers conference materials, coffee breaks and lunches during conference days and e-publication of the conference proceedings. 

Call for papers for International conference: Challenges of Contemporary Society II

Instructions for publication of papers presented at the conference Challenges of contemporary society II, Skopje, 17 November 2017.

Full text length: 3000-5000 words (including references)

Font size: 12; Line spacing: 1,5.

Title page:

  • Author names
  • Academic degree and title
  • Institutional affiliation
  • Contact e-mail

Title of paper

Abstract (up to 300 words)

3-5 key words

Body of manuscript:


Use the Harvard reference style (in-text citations). For example: (Robertson, 1992); (Berger, 1997: 24); (Turner, 1981; Turner, 1991).


Use Arabic numbers for numbering of tables and graphs.

List of references


Brubaker R (1992) Citizenship and Nationhood in France and Germany. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Book chapter

Habermas J (1994) A Citizenship and National Identity. In van Steenbergen B (ed.) The Condition of Citizenship. New York: Sage Publications, pp.22-38.

Journal article

Rohrschneider R (2002) The Democratic Deficit and Mass Support for an EU-Wide Government. American Journal of Political Science 46(2): 463-475.

Newspaper article

Mason P (2015) The four questions we need to answer before bombing Isis or Assad. The Guardian, 21 September 2015.

Internet source/Website

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia. Diplomatic and consular representations -Tallinn. Available at: (accessed 10 October 2010).

Source: email from the organizers

Republic of North Macedonia
Geographical focus
  • Republic of North Macedonia
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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