News archive - Progress made in Science, Research and Education: Report 2016 - Albania

Chapter 25: Science and research. The EU provides significant support for research and innovation. All Member States can benefit from the EU’s research programmes, especially where there is scientific excellence and solid investment in research.

Preparations are at an early stage in the area of science and research. Some progress has been made over the last year. In the coming year, the country should in particular:

  • adopt a comprehensive strategy on research and innovation;
  • build capacity and increase investment in research in line with European Research Area priorities.

On research and innovation policy, the 2015-2020 national strategy on science, technology and innovation has yet to be adopted. Investments in research and measures to strengthen research and innovation capacity at national level need to be stepped up.

The level of investment in research is very low at about 0.4% of GDP.

Inter-institutional cooperation needs to be strengthened, in particular regarding decisions on innovation measures.

As regards framework programmes, Albania participates in the EU research and innovation ‘Horizon 2020’ programme as an associated country.

During 2015-2016, the number of Albanian applicants increased to 146, from 66 in 2014-2015.

However, the number of successful candidates remains comparatively low. Private sector participation in the programme remains very low. The Research, Technology and Innovation Agency underwent restructuration and became the National Agency for Research and Innovation. Currently under the Ministry of Education and Science, the agency has extended responsibilities, including being the coordinator of the national contact points for Horizon 2020 and managing the national database on research, infrastructure and PhD/research publications.

On integration into the European Research Area, bilateral memoranda of understanding were signed with Austria, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Slovenia.

On the Innovation Union, the government adopted decisions establishing the Innovation Fund and a voucher scheme, but they have yet to be implemented.

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