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Western Balkan countries have built a new bridge of regional and cross-border cooperation through the establishment of the Western Balkan Fund, (WBF), based on the model and principles of the International Visegrad Fund.

WBF is an international organization established by the governments of the Western Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia and Serbia, the first as such to be headquartered in Tirana.

The Fund’s main structures are: the Council of Foreign Ministers, the highest decision-making body, the Senior Council, the Secretariat and the Executive Director.

The launch of the Western Balkan Fund with its seat in Tirana is another positive example of deepening the regional and cross-border cooperation among Western Balkan countries.

WBF Director Executive Gjergj Murra said that the Fund’s objective is to boost cooperation between member states, strengthen relations, advance integration into the European Union and promote common values among citizens, civil society and regional institutions, by providing a concrete approach at “people-to-people” level for member countries.

According to Murra, “WBF will work to achieve such goals by supporting joint projects as the best way to bring people closer, share mutual experiences, to better know values, traditions and culture of the respective countries.”

Murra went on saying that WBF will provide funding for small and medium enterprise projects aimed at enhancing regional and cross-border and strengthening regional cohesion in the areas of education, environmental protection, human rights, culture, cross-border exchanges and youth cooperation.

The Western Balkans Fund is expected to announce its first call for projects by beginning of 2017.

Source: Albanian Telegraphic Agency

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