News archive - [Call for Abstracts] Gender Summit 2016 | Deadline: July 1, 2016

The Gender Summit is a platform for evidence-based and consensus-led dialogue between scientists, policy makers, gender scholars, and key stakeholder groups in science endeavours. The 2016 Gender SummitEurope coincides with important policy developments in Europe and globally that look towards science knowledge and technological innovation to create a better future for all.  Significant here are: the new EU Gender Action Plan and Horizon 2020; the UN Sustainable Development Goals; the African Union’s Africa 2063 and Continental Education Strategy Africa agenda; and the OECD vision for Inclusive Innovation and Creating Our Common Future through Science and Technology.  It is, therefore, right that this year’s Gender Summit should open up dialogue on how understanding of sex/gender issues in research and innovation can also ensure sustainable and effective development.

Please make sure you have read these Gender Summit Abstract Guidelines before submitting you abstract. Accepted abstracts will be published as submitted in the Gender Summit 9 Booklet of Abstracts. In order for your abstract to be reviewed, it has to fulfill the following conditions:

1. created using these Gender Summit Abstract Guidelines,

2. complete and proof-read

3. comply with word limits

Abstract Themes: You may select up to 2 of the following:

• Understanding the impact of environmental hazards on women and men

• Sexual dimorphism as driver of sustainable natural ecosystems

• The role of gender in research, development and technological innovation

• Integrating sex-gender knowledge into science curriculum and researcher training

• Gender aspects of leadership

• Integrating gender analysis into policy design, impact evaluation and policy agendas

• Advancing scientific understanding of how sex and gender influence research content, process and impact

Grants & Submission

You can also apply for the following grants before submitting your abstract application:

Poster Prize

Research and projects by early-stage researchers created within the framework of their PhD studies or a PhD programme may apply for the Gender Summit Prize. If you are currently working towards your PhD, are submitting a poster, and wish to enter your work for the Poster Prize, please tick it in the box.

Participation Grant

Researchers working at non-profit organisations (universities,..) in one of the following European countries may apply for a participation grant which will allow them to register at a discount during the early-bird and normal registration phase:

(a) 65% discount on registrations: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria,

Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine

(b) 35% discount on registrations: Belarus, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary,

Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Turkey

Source: GS9


Geographical focus
  • Europe
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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