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Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and collaborative with every coming year. According to the latest research, companies will spend at least 50% of the IT budget for the improvement of the corporate network security and malware protection systems. Adequate backup solution is necessary for full data protection, too. The sophisticated IT security system is very important for known and new concepts like cloud, MDM (Mobile Device Management), IoT (Internet of Things), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) etc.


​                   Ivan Stijović, Asseco SEE

  • Enhancing Security of Electronic Payments - Decision IQ

​                   ​Kristof Graček, MasterCard

  • Mobile and Application Security

                   Nenad Andrejević, Comtrade

​                   Bojan Pavlović, Head of development and sales / business operations at Chip Card

  • How to Protect Classified Information? - Software or Hardware Encryption

​                   Luka Milinković, IT Auditor at Komercijalna Banka

  • Payment Cards Security - PSI DSS

​                   Darko Mihajlovski, Director of Department for Information System Security at Halkbank

​                   Srdjan Popović, B. Eng, Linux Lecturer at Computing Center, School of Electrical Engineering (RCETF),
​                   University of Belgrade

  • What Code Come In Must Come Out - Threads at iOS and Android Applications

​                   Filip Simeonov, Professional for IT Security and Penetration Testing at Macedonia Telekom

​                   Jovan Šikanja, Fraud and Security Administrator at Limundo

​                   Vladimir Vučinić, CEO at Net++ technology

​                   Bojan Milovanović, System Engineer at TeleGroup

                   prof. Ph.D. Zoran Čiča, School of Electrical Engineering (ETF), University of Belgrade

  • Printing Security

​​                   Dragan Petrović, Digitron-ist

​                   Milan Gabor, CEO at Viris

​                   prof. Ph.D. Žarko Stanisavljević, School of Electrical Engineering (ETF), University of Belgrade

  • Cyber Crime

​                   prof. Ph.D. Dragan Djurdjević, Security Information Agency


​                   Mane Piperevski, IT Security Researcher, CEO at Piperevski & Associates

Further information is available at the conference website: ICT conference 2016

Geographical focus
  • European Union (EU 27)
  • International; Other
  • Serbia
  • Western Balkans
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  • Natural Sciences

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