News archive - WIDER project: New call for the allocation of innovation vouchers of a total value of 350.000 euros dedicated to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) published

An open Call for the allocation of innovation vouchers of a total value of 350.000 euros dedicated to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has been published within the framework of the WIDER project for the transnational cooperation in the Mediterranean.

The vouchers aim at stimulating the innovation of companies in the emerging sectors of eco-smart housing for elderly people, while encouraging them to seek knowledge and cooperation outside of their networks.

The maximum amount of a single voucher will be 10.000 euros, spendable for the acquisition of expert knowledge or technological assistance useful in the realization of innovative projects that have not yet started at the moment of application.

Eligible proposals include new or improved products and services, but also the costs relative to market research and intellectual property management.

The Call is open to SMEs from the regions involved in the WIDER project: Marche in Italy, Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algarve in Portugal, Catalonia in Spain, Rhone-Alpes in France, Central Macedonia in Greece, and from Slovenia. Applications can be submitted until 31 May.

Parallelly with this Call for SMEs, there is a directly linked Call for experts in the innovation and/or eco-smart housing fields. Eligible to apply are experts from most regions from Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Malta, UK. The Experts responding to the Call will become part of a transnational list of Knowledge Providers/Suppliers; from this list the SMEs selected as recipients of Innovation Vouchers will choose those they need in order to implement their innovation project/activity with the aim of repositioning themselves toward the emerging eco-smart housing for elderly sector. The deadline for the Call for Experts is 30 April 2014.

The participation in the Calls offers therefore a concrete opportunity both for Experts in the above fields and for SMEs willing to innovate, to benefit from up to €10.000 financial contribution value.

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