News archive - [Job offers] 2 Research fellow positions within the FP7-REGPOT project at the Research Centre for Info-Communication Technologies (University of Montenegro, FEE)

University of Montenegro (UoM), Faculty of Electrical Engineering is an actor of excellence for education and research in the field of ICT in Montenegro. More precisely, this position is attained and maintained through activities organized and performed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), being one of the UoM founding units. UoM(FEE) is the coordinator of the FP7-REGPOT-2012-2013-1 Project “Fostering innovation based research for e-Montenegro” (Fore-Mont), the main objective of which is to strengthen the research excellence by improving the research infrastructure at the FEE, to foster human resources as well as the long-term partnerships. Furthermore, the project aims to create a strong synergy in research from the three current UoM(FEE) research groups working in the field of ICT (telecommunications, signal processing and multimedia systems). Through Fore-Mont, these groups will merge to provide a research centre dedicated to the innovative research in info-communication infrastructures and e-services engineering: Research Centre for Info-Communication Technologies.

In this scope the project offers consistent and attractive job opportunities for experienced researchers able to develop their research potential, be integrated in and participate to a visible and active research community, developing collaborative works in the frame of the Fore-Mont project.

The research positions are offered for:

 Expert 1: ICT Researcher and Research Developer specialized for network platforms

 Expert 2: ICT Researcher and Research Developer specialized for e-service engineering


Application Deadline:           15 December 2013

Type of Contract:                   Individual Contract

Starting Date:                          01 February 2014

Duration of Contract:             28 months


Key Duties and Responsibilities: Experienced researchers will be hired to help research skills and productivity in the Research Centre for Info-Communication Technologies. The experts should be focused on research activities and should provide technical and innovation support and assistance to other researchers in the Centre. Their work should be focused on:

  1. Expert 1: Embedded Computing Systems, with particular focus on programmable and high performance networking platforms, protocols and services.
  2. Expert 2: Software and e-services engineering, as well as design and implementation of multimedia applications. 

Criteria: The qualification and experience are important criteria of selection, because the researchers must be able to bring significant knowledge to the project and to contribute towards its sustainability. Another criterion for expert selection will be related to the identified specific research requirements important for achieving the project objectives.

General qualification and experience:

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Computer Science or a closely related area and in subject relevant to the post 
  • An outstanding research record related to the field of interest
  • Experience in project proposal building, procedures for funding and work in projects  (preference to EU funding calls and procedures)
  • Insight into impact of research in terms of industrial applications, standardization processes, regulatory implications, commercial exploitation, IPR generation
  • Record in initiating and fostering collaborations with international research institutes, universities, industry
  • Excellent team working skills, and communication skills, including experience in successful leaderships and management of research
  • Capability to encircle research results by preparing journal and conference papers
  • Fluency in English

Specific qualification and experience:

For the position Expert 1: ICT Researcher and Research Developer specialized for network platforms

  • Competencies in Distributed computing and networking
  • Competencies in Network virtualization and software defined networks
  • Competencies in autonomics/self-management, cognitive networks, green (energy-aware) networking
  • Experience in Modelling and simulation tools for high speed info-communication infrastructures

For the position Expert 2: ICT Researcher and Research Developer specialized for e-service engineering

  • Excellent programming skills (e.g. JAVA, C++)
  • Competencies in software and e-services engineering
  • Competencies in High performance active and programmable networks
  • Experience in interpretation of network modelling tools

Principal Activities

  • Manage the deployment of specific ICT solutions
  • Provide knowledge and know-how transfer
  • Strengthen cooperation with international research institutes, universities, industry.
  • Enhance the efficiency, proficiency, and visibility of the Centre R&D results and capacity of innovation at the EU level 
  • Prepare high-quality papers for journals, workshops and international conferences.
  • Work on project proposals for funding through EU and other national and international funding mechanisms
  • Share and valorize the approaches, methods and tools developed
  • Contribute to the development of an international research environment.


Employee, location: University of Montenegro

                                 Faculty of Electrical Engineering

                                 Dzordza Vasingtona bb

                                 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro



Salary:                      2.500 Euro gross per month


Application submission: The application must include a full academic CV (including publication record), a statement outlining the activities envisaged during the appointment and two letters of recommendation. The letters of recommendation should be sent directly by the persons recommending the applicant to the address

Following the closing date, within two weeks, applicants will be informed by email whether or not they have been selected and invited to participate in the next stage of the selection process.

Geographical focus
  • General/no specific focus
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology

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