News archive - [Event Review] Success stories presented at the WBC-INCO.NET General Assembly in Belgrade

WBC-INCO.NET General Assembly was held in Belgrade on December 5, 2012 focusing this year on the developments achieved  so  far  in  the  region  in  the  fields  of  S&T  and  Innovation as well as on impact of WBC-INCO.NET project activities in the last 5 years.

We would like to thank and congratulate  Dr. Marjan  Petreski  (Vice-Dean  for Research at the School of Business Economics and Management in Skopje) and  his  team for  their  inspiring  success  story  “Unlocking  researchers’ potential”, a success story  which  was  selected  to  be  presented at the GA in Belgrade.

Our thanks are going also to Dr. Steve Quarrie (Head of Education and Training, Balkan Security Network) - our second external speaker, as well as to the authors of other very interesting success stories received  so  far - some of them are published also in the special edition of the newsletter - printed and presented in Belgrade as well. Please find the newsletter attached below.

The regional stakeholders are all invited to share success stories through WBC-INCO.NET throughout the upcoming year. Our objective is to further increase the visibility of the regional potentials and strengths and to promote networking among centers of excellence. Please feel free to get in touch with us at:


At  the  end  of  October  2012  we  have  published    the  100th  issue  of  the e-newsletter  of  the  Western  Balkan  countries  INCO-NET. This was also a good opportunity to look back and think about developments achieved  so  far  in  the  region  in  the  fields  of  S&T  and  Innovation. Thus, we have issued a call in order to collect inspiring success stories from the Western Balkan Countries and to present them to a wider public - some of them are also presented in this printed version of the newsletter which can be downloaded below. Since we hope that WBC-INCO.NET could contribute to some of the positive experiences in the region, we decided to collect also such stories that highlight our impact in the region.

ps. You  might  also  be  interested  in  some  of  the  WBC-INCO.NET  reports focusing on scientific priorities in the region such energy, health or transport
- find out more in this newsletter.

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