News archive - [Study Announcement]: The Attractiveness of the EU for Top Scientists

At the request of the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE), one of the policy working groups of the Parliament presented a study on September 3rd 2012 on “The Attractiveness of the EU for Top Scientists".

The study showed that while the EU has a strong research base it does not seem to have an environment to attract the world’s top researchers. The place of preference for leading scientists is the USA, while other countries, such as China or India enter the world competition for scientific excellence as very strong contenders.

A striking difference with the United States is the focus on the quality and excellence of research that characterises the American system, which strongly correlates with leadership in science and innovation.

The report concludes that it is urgent for Europe to develop policies to actively attract and retain the world’s best researchers, in order for the EU to re-enter the world-wide competition in science and innovation.

EU should create a research environment that promotes high risk, long-term research and address the aspect of rewarding top research performance. Horizon 2020 and Structural funds are important instruments in this respect, provided that consideration is given to the main attractiveness factors for top scientists that are identified in the study.

Contact for any additional comments on the study: Dr. Odysseas Cartalos, email: cartalos@logotech


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