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The project "Innovation Policy Learning from Norway in Western Balkans" (WBinNO), - WBC-INCO.NET's project of the month June 2012 - successfully organised the workshop: "From National Innovation System to Innovation Policy Learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, and Serbia" in Sarajevo, on June 5-6 2012. Now, a policy brief called: "Governing Innovation Policy in the Western Balkans" has been published summarising the main findings and massages from the workshop.

[...] The main message from this workshop was that there is a need for a strong focus on industrial innovation that may lead to long-term growth, prosperity and social stability. This innovation policy must take the existing industrial structure as a starting point, developing existing competences in a more productive and innovative direction. The institutions for research and education should be encouraged to develop competences that can strengthen these processes. In the same way policy learning and the development of policy strategies has to take the unique social, cultural and political frameworks into consideration."

Read more in the policy brief attached below.

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