ESS Round 10 (2020-22) updated dataset - 2nd release

Second release of Round 10 data now available - 09/12/22

The European Social Survey (ESS) has published data from an additional 15 countries who participated in Round 10 (2020-22) of our survey.

This second release - available exclusively through the ESS Data Portal - includes 25 countries whose data has been published alongside post-stratification weights.

Due to measures implemented to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, some countries fielded our Round 10 questionnaire using self-completion methods for the first time.

This updated dataset therefore includes 19 countries who administered the survey in line with previous rounds: using only in-person interviews.

Data collected in this way is available from 19 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Data from six countries - Austria, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Sweden - was collected through online and postal questionnaires using a ‘self-completion’ design.

As a result of the inclusion of data that was collected using only self-completion modes, we have published a short briefing: Notes on ESS Round 10 data release.

The briefing details a small number of modifications which were made to the self-completion questionnaire, including the exclusion of some questions and differences in the orientation of the 11-point response scale between online and postal versions.

We would be very grateful to receive any feedback from users on any unusual or unexpected results which may relate to the inclusion of in-person and self-completion fieldwork.

In June, we published our initial Round 10 dataset from 10 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

It was announced in May that our General Assembly has endorsed a plan to move data collection from face-to-face interviews to a ‘self-completion’ design involving both web and paper self-completion questionnaires in future.

Data from remaining Round 10 participants will be published in our third release, expected in early 2023.

The second release of Round 10 data is only available via our Data Portal. Registered users who accessed our data in previous rounds directly through our website may need to re-register.

The Data Portal now includes variable visualisation for the first time ever for the ESS, allowing users to view the weighted results of any question ever included via your preferred web browser.

Read the briefing: Notes on ESS Round 10 data release

Download the latest data from the ESS Data Portal


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