Investment Readiness Online Course for the Western Balkans (designed by Gavin Ryan for the World Bank)

The private equity market in the Western Balkans is at a very early stage of development and there is currently limited investment opportunity. The main source of financial capital available for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) throughout the region currently is through banks; by obtaining lines of credit, bank loans and other forms of debt. Alternative sources of capital are either non-existent or in very low supply.

However, this can change in time as private equity funds look to expand their portfolios and geographic reach, and it is important that SMEs seeking equity partners are able to draw on service providers that can help them adequately prepare for investment.

This course is designed to empower advisors of SMEs to be capable of assisting their clients to secure private equity investment successfully. It will support advisors to comprehend equity investment by explaining what it is and the processes that underpin it. It will describe how private equity and venture capital investment operates, what venture capital and private equity investment deals require, and what kinds of advisors should consider enlisting to help along the way.

The course was designed and created by Gavin Ryan for the World Bank.



Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General

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