[RRI Good Practice] UviDok - Public Insight into PhD thesis and Evaluation reports

What is the good practice about?

In accordance with the principle of openness of science and knowledge to the public and citizens the obligation was stipulated:

  • for higher education institutions to make available to the public PhD dissertation prior to its defense,
  • for universities to provide an open-access digital repository with defended dissertations, with appropriate documentation and to deliver to the Ministry of Education a copy of the content for a central repository.

These obligations are regulated by the Law on Higher Education (Amendments published in the "Official Gazette of RS", no. 99/2014 of 09/11/2014. and entered into force on 19.9.2014). It is stipulated that "The University is obliged to establish a digital repository which permanently stores electronic versions of defended doctoral dissertation, together with the report of the Commission for evaluation of the dissertation, data on mentor and other Commission members, information about copyright protection, and that all the information contained herein make publicly available”. 

Why is this initiative needed?

It is based on the Law on Higher Education (2014) after a huge public discussion about plagiarism in PhD theses (politicians).

The practice ensures better transparency and prevents potential problems in all ethical aspects related to PhD theses. 

Nearly 5000 PhD thesis were available for public insight through the UviDok portal, and 24 of them were withdrawn from the procedure.

 What are the main objectives and activities?

Establishing the service and work-flow for all faculties at University of Belgrade

Who is involved?

Mainly the rector's office to change legislative at the University; deans to establish procedures and nominate responsible officers. 

Here is a picture of the team:

Can this good practice be replicated?

Every institution could do the same because Open Source softwarr is used. The service is available in the local language, which for sure increases its usability. The main result is not the IT solution, but the process/workflow.

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Relevant RRI keys:  Ethics (in R&I), Open Access, Open Science, Open Data

Type of practice: Websites serving as platform for services to clients, Good governance, Support services (e.g. for internationalisation, innovation support, research support)

Target groups: researchers (starting from PhD-candidates, on the individual level), universities, research performing organisations    

Geographical focus
  • Serbia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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