Call for Submission of Good Practices in RRI

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February 16, 2022
December 31, 2022
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WBC-RRI.NET is seeking good practices of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) from and for the Western Balkans.

The project wants to engage a growing and diverse number of stakeholders in research and innovation to highlight the existing initiatives working on these issues and thus inspire more peers to follow suit. The aim is to facilitate networking and peer learning, as well as the sharing of good practices to ultimately improve the regional research and innovation ecosystem.


There are already vast experiences in the region and WBC-RRI.NET wants to promote the success cases, inspire partners to join efforts, increase the impact of the actions by sharing them and support stakeholders to explore together the transferability of good practices.
With this call for submission of good practices, the aim is to surface and show-case good practices within the region, gain insight into running initiatives, reflect on practical experience. WBC-RRI.NET also strives to strengthen these practices and their coordination, build relationships and collaboration opportunities based on a culture of mutual exchange and learning.

What is a good practice?

Your good practice are processes, initiatives or working methods that have proved successful to introduce or implement a RRI related practice or to optimise the performance of RRI related activities. A good practice is practically a successful response to address RRI challenges, ranging from policy development, promotion of RRI, capacity building, through products, processes or services and intra-organisational tools.

Why participate?

Get a chance to promote your activities and share them with your peers and the wider R&I performing, funding and administrating community. Be an example for others to replicate and show your innovative activities in an international setting. Let’s improve together the research and innovation ecosystem in the region.

Who can apply?

Any stakeholder implementing Responsible Research and Innovation activities in and for the Western Balkans.

How to participate?

This is a continuous call and the application process is now open. Please apply with your good practice and share it with the world! Fill in the good practice application form here.

If you want to have a look at the form beforehand or send it in as a word document, please find the submission form here:

What will happen further?

WBC-RRI.NET plans to organise peer-learning webinars highlighting good practices and promote them regionally and internationally. The plan is also to publish and disseminate a compendium of good practices and by January 2024, and to award three good (best!) practices with a prize.

Use this chance to promote your activities, expand your network and contribute to Responsible Research and Innovation in the Western Balkans!

Download the call here:

Do you need more information?

Should you need more information or get in contact with organisers, please click here and have a look at the official source page!

If you have a good practice on RRI in the Western Balkans and you want to share it, hurry up and submit it before December 31, 2022 to get the chance to receive an award!

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