WBC National roadmaps for lignocellulosic biomass and relevant policies WBC for a bio-based economy in 2030

This is a result of the S2Biom Fp7 funded project  (D 8.3a) under responsibility of the Imperial College London (Calliope Panoutsou et.al.,).

Bosnia & Herzegovina
FYR of Macedonia

S2Biom project has been supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme and have been running from September, 2013 until November, 2016.

The research work in the S2Biom project covered the whole biomass delivery chain - from primary biomass to end-use of non-food products, and from logistics and pre-treatment to conversion technologies. These aspects have been elaborated to facilitate integrated design and evaluation of optimal biomass delivery chains and networks at European, national, regional and local scale. S2Biom work supported the development of strategies to realise the bio-based economy in Europe.

Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General

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