Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engeneering, and Environment

Gendered Innovations harness the creative power of sex and gender analysis for innovation and discovery. Considering gender may add a valuable dimension to research. It may take research in new directions.

The peer-reviewed Gendered Innovations project:

1) develops practical methods of sex and gender analysis for scientists and engineers;
2) provides case studies as concrete illustrations of how sex and gender analysis leads to innovation.

Gendered Innovations:

Add value to research and engineering by ensuring excellence and quality in outcomes and enhancing sustainability.
● Add value to society by making research more responsive to social needs.
Add value to business by developing new ideas, patents, and technology.

Gendered Innovations stimulate gender-responsible science and technology, thereby enhancing the quality of life for both women and men worldwide.

How to Use this Website: 

This website has six interactive main portals:

1. Methods of sex and gender analysis for research and engineering
2. Case studies illustrate how sex and gender analysis leads to innovation
3. Terms address key concepts used throughout the site
4. Checklists for researchers, engineers, and evaluators
5. Policy provides recommendations in addition to links to key national and international policies that support Gendered Innovations
6. Institutional Transformation summarizes current literature on: 1) increasing the numbers of women in science, health & medicine, and engineering; 2) removing subtle gender bias from research institutions; and 3) solutions and best practices.


Geographical focus
  • Europe
  • European Union (EU 27)
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Medical and Health Sciences
  • Natural Sciences

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