Multi-country – financial assistance under IPA II

The page informs about the multi-country programme of the IPA II assistance provided to the enlargement countries by the European Union. The support includes the TAIEX instrument and technical assistance through twinning, the promotion of regional cooperation and networking (e.g. through the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) or the Regional School for Public Administration (ReSPA)), regional investment support (e.g. through the Western Balkans Investment Framework, the Western Balkan Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility and others) and territorial cooperation through cross-border programmes within the region and countries already in the EU, as well as transnational cooperation programmes and related macro-regional programmes (EU strategies for the Danube region and for the Adriatic-Ionian region).  

In relation to R&I, for example the following programmes are of relevance: IPA 2015/031-609.03/MC/CoE facility and IPA 2015/031-609.10/MC/technology transfer.

Geographical focus
  • General/no specific focus
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General

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