WIDERA Info Day for NCPs

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November 8, 2023
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NCP_WIDERA.NET organises different meetings in Brussels on 7-9 November 2023.


On Wednesday 8 November, a WIDERA Info Day for NCPs will be organised. The agenda for the meeting covers both topics: WIDENING and ERA. The WIDENING section includes a proposal evaluation process and results for the Teaming for Excellence and European Excellence Initiative, as well as proposal submission results for Twining, Pathways to Synergies, Dissemination and Exploitation Facility. There will also be a recap on the forthcoming calls, and a presentation on lump sum funding. The ERA section includes a presentation of the ERA calls, including a related policy overview, presentation of proposal submission, evaluation process and results, as well as REA practical considerations.

Training on effective presentations for Widening NCPs 

On the afternoon of 8 November 2023, an onsite training dedicated to effective presentations takes place in Brussels. It is organised within the NCP_WIDERA.NET project under the task 3.4 that provides tools and techniques for the Widening NCPs of the WIDERA programme to increase the level of service offered to the national beneficiaries of Widening instruments by utilising soft skills.

This training is already a second in a row (the first was organised online on the 9 December 2022 and its topic was online facilitation) and 20 Widening NCPs will have the opportunity to learn about how to present effectively from the professional trainer Sean Vanonckelen (speakingchange company).

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  • Horizon Europe / H2020 event

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