On Architecture – Challenges in Design (Registration Fee)

Event date
December 7-8, 2023
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Gallery of Science and Technology, Belgrade
Short description

At the beginning of the 21st century, faced with the challenges of climate change, depletion of resources, high environmental pollution, and hints at an uncertain future, we are questioning the various roles of architecture. 

Whether technological development and the use of new concepts in design, the use of new materials in construction, the use of new tools in the creation of concepts can provide an answer, is the theme of the conference and exhibition “Challenges in Design”.

The new concept of architectural objects and the use of materials in the isolation of objects and the concept of facade envelope are an inspiration and a challenge in creation. Is art a part or is it against the concept of an architectural work – art vs architecture. Whether architecture and new media and the use of virtual and augmented reality can be tools in architectural design is the question of the position of architecture in the digital era – from parametric design to VR and AI, as tools in design. In addition to new buildings in the transformation of the city and the change in the structure of activities, there are many huge abandoned industrial buildings, which refers to the topic of reconstruction – reworking of the city and architecture – reworking of architecture and the city – reuse of abandoned buildings and places.

The conference will explore and discuss the complexity and different meanings of architecture. These topics will consider the essence of architecture through all its dimensions, always thinking of it as an art and a philosophical reflection on architecture.


The essence will be considered through different points, processes and trends that contribute to new aesthetics and functionality: globalization, new approaches to design, innovative technologies, projects and materials.

A special block of topics is focused on the challenges in architecture and urban design in terms of how we can reshape the future in creating sustainability after the pandemic and how we can reset the sustainable development goals for the challenges of the pandemic – from the perspective of research, policy or practice.

In the past year, many conference programs were focused on that topic, such as the New European Bauhaus initiative for green sustainable cities, or the COP 27 UN conference on climate change and impacts, many also implemented educational programs at universities, as well as charters and declarations in associations.

That is why it is particularly interesting how cities will be organized in future development, how to improve the quality of work and life, and how architecture can help through the organization of space, materialization. In particular, the further improvement of information technology, which have made an outstanding contribution, enabling the holding of study programs in the faculties, as well as the holding of conferences and meetings.

For more information on this event, like programme, registration fees and related activities such as the exhibition built around the topic, please visit the source page of the event.

Geographical focus
  • Serbia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Humanities

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