Fusion Education Network workshop: Fusion Days in Novi Sad

Event date
September 26-30, 2016
Faculty of Sciences, Novi Sad
Short description

Some call it "the Holy Grail of energy," skeptics are making jokes that it “will always be another 50 years away" - nuclear fusion is indeed the ultimate energy source, essential for the future of the modern civilization, but it is also one of the biggest challenges for scientists and engineers around the world.


During this five-day workshop, students of sciences and ebgineering will learn from the noted European specialists about science and technology that has been developed in the last few decades in order to achieve fusion on Earth. In addition, they will experience, for one day, what it looks like to work as an experimental physicists on existing fusion experiments.


Tokamak GOLEM - one of the smallest and oldest tokamaks - is intended primarily for education and training of students at the Czech Technical University in Prague. It is also known for being the smallest tokamak in the world with the largest control room - this tokamak can be controlled remotely via the Internet. 


Only students from the universities in countries where FEN is active can participate in the Experimental part of the workshop. However, you are welcome to attend the lectures from Monday - Friday. Let the organisers know if you are coming or if you have any furter questions about the workshop by finding a application form at: http://www.fom-fen.net/#!workshop/d9b1i

Source: FOM


Geographical focus
  • Serbia
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology
Event type
  • Conference WBs
  • Training

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