Entrepreneur and SME Development Strategy in Zenica Municipality

Zenica was one of the most important economic centers in the former Yugoslavia, with its developed industry, organized city structure, developed educational, health, scientific, sport and cultural institutions and multiethnic population as well.
The inherited economic structure, which was dominated by the steel industry, has been an obstacle for Zenica to go successfully through the transition process in the economic and social spheres, and therefore it is legging behind in comparison with some other areas that implemented the transition process more successfully.
Special part of the strategy refers to the development of the entrepreneurship and SMEs in the Zenica Municipality. The whole process of the strategy development was organized by SEED (Southeast Europe Enterprise Development), in cooperation with the local government.
Entrepreneur and SME Development Strategy in Zenica Municipality 2003-2008, available from: http://siteresources.worldbank.org/EXTLED/Resources/zenica-sme-strategy.pdf


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Municipality of Zenica (in cooperation with SEED)
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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

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