A Message to the People of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Education Reform.

The present paper is the address of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to the people of the country with regard to the problems in the educational system and the necessity of the education reform as of 2002. This document is focused on the reform of educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also deals with higher education and promoting research in BiH (page 17 and 19). It promotes the idea that the education system is crucial to the development of the country’s intellectual capital. It is in urgent need of modernization and to enhance the quality of education a combined and sustained effort shall be taken. Education must be available for all, fairly and without discrimination.
University students are often not properly prepared to meet competitive standards. The goal to be achieved is the establishment of a higher education system with credible structures and instruments of effective governance, management and accountability. In this connection the Bologna Process offering a tested framework of university reform shall be taken as a model.
Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2002): A Message to the People of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Education Reform. Available from: http://www.oscebih.org/documents/26-eng.pdf, accessed 14 August 2006.


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