Guidelines for a Science and Research Policy in Bosnia & Herzegovina - Draft Report

This is a report of a UNESO-ROSTE EXPERT MISSION. In this Report, after a brief introduction describing the present situation of the country ten years after the signature of the Dayton Peace Agreement, the conclusions concerning the present situation of the scientific potential of the country and the role of the various institutions, as well as propose objectives and guidelines for a future national science and technology policy are presented. Document strongly recommends that the drafting of the science law should involve, in a preliminary phase, the main stakeholders of the present research system in BiH (ministries and administrations in charge of science and innovation in the politico-administrative entities of the country, the Academy, the universities and institutes, representatives of the economic sectors). It comes to conclusion that scientific and technological research in BiH is in a state of emergency. Actions are urgently needed both at national and international levels.
UNESO-ROSTE EXPERT MISSION (2005): Guidelines for a Science and Research Policy in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Available from:, accessed 18.10.2006.


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