Cooperation between UNESCO and its South-East European Member States

The publication summarizes UNESCO’s experience and role in South-East Europe and outlines a proposal for future action in the region.The paper comprises extracts from the Director General’s speeches on South-East Europe as well as the reports presented by the Ministers or Representatives of Ministers of South-East European Member States. The paper also contains the main documents of the High-level Conference on Strengthening Cooperation in South-East Europe (held at UNESCO Headquarters on 4 and 5 April 2002), including a strategy plan for UNESCO’ long-standing action in the region identifying the priority areas of the future cooperation in the countries of the region as well as the Chairman’s Conclusions.UNESCO’s strategy paper aims to enhance and coordinate the Organization’s efforts with Member States, intergovernmental and governmental organizations. It proposes 13 projects designed for implementation by UNESCO in cooperation with a wide range of governmental and non-governmental partners for the funds to be mobilized from the extra-budgetary sources.The High-level Conference approved the priorities to be pursued within UNESCO’s fields of competence, emphasizing the need for complementary and concerned efforts among the various countries and organizations involved in South-East Europe.
UNESCO (2002): Cooperation between UNESCO and its South-East European Member States. Available from:, accessed 07 August 2006.


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