Final report of IRE Working Group 'Effective regional innovation systems'

This report is an attempt to summarise the findings, conclusions and recommendations presented during the activities undertaken by the IRE Working Group on Effective Regional Innovation Systems (ERIS).

The report offers a bird’s-eye view on regional innovation systems concepts, structural elements, internal interactions, and barriers. Critical factors identified by the ERIS Group members that affect the success of the innovation systems are examined.

The issue of multilevel governance is also addressed in the report; reflection on how regions can influence or be influenced by higher and lower decision-making systems is provided.

And finally, a number of non-binding recommendations are offered providing regional decision-makers with a number of policy options based on available experienceand knowledge at the ERIS participating regions.

Innovating regions in Europe(2008): Final report of IRE Working Group 'Effective regional innovation systems. Available from:


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