18-month programme of the Council, prepared by the future French, Czech and Swedish Presidencies.

This document brings the programme of the French, Czech and Swedish presidiencies of the Council of Europe.

The programme focuses on development of the  EU, integrated Energy and Climate Policy, Growth and Jobs, General economic Issues/Policy Coordination, Competitvness Internal Market, Research Knowledge and Innovation, Employment and Social Policy, Gender Equality and Non - discrimination, Health and consumers, Culture, Audiovisual and Multilingalism, Sustainable Development, Environment, Transport, Agriculture and fisheries, Cohesion Policy, Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, and External Relations.


This document sets out the combined programme of the French, Czech and Swedish Presidencies covering the period July 2008 to December 2009. It is presented in two parts. The first part contains the strategic framework for the programme, setting it in a wider context, and specifically within the perspective of more long-term objectives running into the subsequent three Presidencies. For this reason, in accordance with the Council's rules of procedure, the future Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian Presidencies have been consulted on this section. The second part constitutes the operational programme setting out the issues which are expected to be covered during the 18 month period.



Council of European Union (2008): Programme of the French, Czech and Swedish presidiency.



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