Med Operational Programme 2007-2013

The Med Programme lies within the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation of the European Union.
The Lisbon agenda clearly indicates that Europe should become a strongly competitive space, based on the knowledge economy. Its economic potential and attractiveness should be strengthened since European countries are insufficiently innovative to face international competition.
Countries in the Mediterranean area should stand up for themselves in front of other European regions, and use the exceptional opportunity that the Mediterranean Sea represents for international connections of European markets and for a better use of Med space potentials.
To achieve the Med operational programme, the Member states with the EU Commission set up beginning of 2006 a Task Force which met seven times between May 2006 and April 2007.
Its work was based first on two specific working groups responsible of proposing strategic orientations and implementation procedures for the Med programme.
Med Operational Programme 2007-2013, alaivalble from:telier%20du%20Seminaire/OP_MED_adopted_12-20-07.pdf (19.03.2008)


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