55 Policy Recommendations For Raising Croatia’s Competitiveness

This report has been prepared by the Croatian National Competitiveness Council, an advisory body that brings together representatives of business, government, unions, science and education. The document provides a diagnosis of the status of competitiveness of the Republic of Croatia. It points out the problems and identifys a whole set of areas subject to change, gives recommendations and suggests initiatives and policies with the main concepts to transform Croatia in an internationally competitive economy. Seven working groups with more than fifty domestic and foreign experts have elaborated recommendations with regard to the following priority areas:
  • education
  • rule of law
  • cost and price competitiveness
  • innovation and technology
  • development of small and medium enterprises
  • regional development and building of clusters
  • development of positive attitude and leadership.

National Competitive Council (2004): 55 Policy Recommendations For Raising Croatia’s Competitiveness. Available from: http://www.vlada.hr/Download/2004/04/13/NCC_55_Recommendations-19-51.pdf, accessed 09 August 2006.

The document is no longer available from this URL (as accessed in May 2007)



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