Presentations at the International Conference “Why invest in Science in SEE?“

The presentations held at the conference “Why Invest in Science in SEE?” (28-29. September 2006, Ljubljana, Slovenia) which was organised by UNESCO, Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Ljubljana and the Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, are uploaded on the website of
Session I dealt with “Science, Innovation and Wealth Generation: State-of-the-art and Best Practices”, Session II with “Globalisations/vs/Marginalisation of Innovation Systems in SEE: Country and Comparative Perspectives”, Session III “International Co-operation and External Assistance for Science and Innovation Systems in SEE”
Various authors. Presentations held at the international conference “Why Invest in Science in SEE?”, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 28-29. September 2006. Available from:, accessed 10. October 2006.


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UNESCO, Austrian Science and Research Liaision Office Ljubljana, Slovenian Ministry for Higher Education, Science and Technology
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