Tentative Action Plan (Informationi Society development in Serbia)

This is an action plan made by the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia. At first it presents information society development strategic priorities and initiatives. It defines that the strategy's priority is to perform e-readiness assessment, develop sectoral e-strategies and integrate ICT in sustainable development. It also presents institutional framework for the Information Society Development. Further priorities are to create legislative framework for information society, to develop access to ICT infrastructure, to plan and organise e-Government development, to create an environment for e-Gov development, to develop e-Gov services, to make citizens equal members in the information society, to build an educational system adapted to the needs of the information society, to foster research and development, to facilitate business processes and accept international standard, to create an environment for e-business etc.
Government of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection (2005): Tentative Action Plan (IS development in Serbia).


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The Government of Serbia (Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection )
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  • Serbia

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