CARDS Assistance Programm to the Western Balkans - Regional Strategy Paper 2002-2006

The purpose of this Regional Strategy Paper (2002-2006) is to provide a strategic framework for programming the regional envelope of the European Community’s CARDS assistance programme. This Regional Strategy Paper focuses on promoting closer relations and regional cooperation. The Strategy Paper first outlines the overall framework of the EC’s cooperation objectives in the region and the regional policy agenda agreed by the EU and the five countries concerned. Next it examines the coherence and coordination of the Cards regional support programme - how it complements the actions of the countries themselves, other donors and, indeed, of the CARDS national support programmes. The Strategy Paper then presents the response of the CARDS regional programme in the four areas identified for support at the regional level: integrated border management, institutional capacity building, democratic stabilisation and regional infrastructure development.
European Commission (2002-2006): Participation of Western Balkan Countries in EU RTD-Framework Programmes - CONFERENCE.


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  • Western Balkans

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