Poverty Reducation Strategy Paper

Most of the transition economies have suffered from rising poverty rates among
their populations. The experience of the Republic of Macedonia has been no different.
Over the past few years, the country was faced with and is still fighting increased poverty
and all its negative social and political ramifications. In response, the government has
made a full commitment to prepare a complete “Poverty Reduction Strategy” with welldefined
policies and programs over the next 12 months. This interim paper describes
what is currently known about poverty in Macedonia, summarizes existing elements of a
poverty reduction strategy, and puts forward some suggestions until a complete strategy
is put in place a year from now.
Poverty Reducation Strategy Paper, available from: http://sensi.biz/images/stories/sensi_literature_list/prsp_report_macedonia.pdf


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Government of the Republic of Macedonia
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  • Republic of North Macedonia

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