Communication from the Commision to the European Parliament - Western Balkans: Enhancing the European Perspective

The document is focusing on policy advice and EU instruments aimed at Western Balkans countries in their further stabilisation, economic and political development, and moving closer to the EU.

The Commission supports the efforts of the Western Balkan countries for reform and regional cooperation mainly through its Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance. It has taken a new initiative in the area of donor coordination, involving the international financial institutions and bilateral donors. This is intended to leverage the maximum amount of support possible for the region's modernisation and development needs, bringing together grants and loans.

The document sets out also other new initiatives for promoting people-to people contacts, covering areas such as visa liberalisation and scholarships, for developing civil society and for enhancing the region's economic and social development. The Communication also provides a succinct analysis of the situation of each partner in the light of developments since the latest progress reports were presented in November 2007.


Commision of the European Communities(2008): Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and Council, Western Balkans: Enhancing the European Perspective.



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