University of Mitrovica - Report of EUA site visit

This is a report of European University Association site visit in December 2002. UNMIK invited EUA to undertake this visit within the context of its efforts to reform higher education in Kosovo. Public higher education has long been a source of actual and potential conflict in Kosovo, making the issue of institutional provision highly sensitive. The purpose of this preliminary visit was to find out as much as possible about the conditions under which the University of Mitrovica is operating, and to advise upon plans for providing appropriate and good quality higher education in the region. The report gives first preliminary observations and then presents some basic information about the University of Mitrovica. It also deals with institutional structure and accomplishments of the university of Mitrovica, and difficulty of material conditions. Last but not the least the needs of University are stated.
European University Association (2002): University of Mitrovica - Report of EUA site visit.


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