Regional Priorities to improve the business climate in SEE

This is a power point presentation prepared by OECD.
It is described as a regional reality check on progress in policy reforms and implementation in South East Europe. First, macroeconomic environment in SEE is presented. It is stated that the GDP growth in 2005 has been strong across the SEE region and is expected to remain strong in 2006, in spite of rising energy costs. Then infrastructure in SEE is described. Among others it is stated that energy and water infrastructure in SEE is still in bad shape, characterised by high distribution losses and high number of outages. Last but not least, regional priorities in policy reform in SEE are presented. Throughout the presentation a lot of statistical data is presented.
OECD (2006): Regional Priorities to improve the business climate in SEE. Available from:, accessed 24.7.2006.


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