FP7 - Work Programme 2008 - People - Update

The second version published in August 2008, brings some changes regarding the version published on 28 November 2007.

The modifications are as follows:

2009 Budget:
♦The figures of the 2009 budget related to calls published in 2008 (Initial Training Network and
Co-funding) have been introduced.
Specific actions not implemented through calls for proposals:
♦Introduction of new awareness and visibility raising activity linked to the re-branding into
"EURAXESS –Researchers in motion" of several ongoing actions related to ERA-MORE,
European Mobility Portal and Charter and Code
♦Introduction of a pilot project for policy monitoring action related to the proposed renewed
partnership on researchers' mobility and career development in the frame of the follow-up of the
ERA-Green Paper; also in that frame the introduction of a feasibility study for the technical
centralisation of national researchers' mobility portals.
♦Adaptation of the budgets for several activities, related to a re-estimate of the requirements for
their implementation.


European Commission C(2008)4483: Work Programme People



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