Publication: "Analytic Assessment of the current R&D Situation at Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro"

Within the project "R&D Capacities" an Assessment Report was published depicting the situation regarding R&D at the universities participating in the project.

"The present report is the output of the initial analytical work in the project ‘R&D Capacities’ carried out in 2009. On the one hand it reflects the situation at Western Balkan universities in the year 2009, on the other hand provides essential inputs for consecutive steps within the project: it serves as a common basis for strategy development at the four Western Balkan universities, where structured and comparable quantitative and qualitative information is needed, and provides essential data for the optimal implementation of the R&D Service Centres.This assessment, published in 2011, represents a one-off activity that was carried out by the project partners more than one and a half years ago and which is now presented for the first time to a wider public. These introductory notes are thus intended to provide the interested reader - not familiar with the project in detail – with the wider context and frame of the results produced in the course of the analytical assessment." (Extract from the publication)



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Email from Michaela Handke, WUS Austria

Geographical focus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kosovo*
  • Montenegro
  • Republic of North Macedonia
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