WBC-INCO.NET Journal: Summer 2007

This summer has seen a milestone for science and research communities in the Western Balkans – the association of Croatia, FYR of Macedonia and Serbia to the Seventh Framework Programme. Our main article focuses on this step towards full integration of the region in the European Research Area (ERA). We also inform you about the current developments in the other Western Balkan countries.
Major developments have also taken place for us at the Information Office: the next and bigger initiative planned to support the Steering Platform has been sucessfully evaluated by the European Commission and the so-called WBC-INCO.NET project is currently under negotiations. Furthermore, the date for the next Steering Platform Meeting has been set: November 29. The meeting will take place in Thessaloniki (Greece).
To fully exploit the possibilities of FP7, we give information about the participation possibilities (open calls, relevant documents, etc.), and about the specific research priority “Transport”.
“Association” is also discussed for other programmes such as the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programmes. Also ERASMUS MUNDUS, TEMPUS and the Lifelong Learning Programme are relevant to the Western Balkan countries´ higher education institutions. The Bologna Process in the Western Balkan countries is dealt by David Crosier from the European University Association. And Günther Siegel provides an update on the activities of COST.
The country in focus is Montenegro. We have also news on bilateral initiatives as well as S&T cooperation between Cyprus and the Western Balkans.
SEE-ERA.NET is providing information on the funded projects under its Pilot Joint Call and the upcoming SEE-ERA.NET Award. We round up with event announcements and updates on various projects: the Medical Research Initiative South Eastern Europe and ERA WESTBALKAN+ as well as some recommendations for further reading.

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