FY2006 Strategy Statement Serbia

This is a strategy developed by USAID Serbia and Montenegro. The Strategy addresses the Republic’s development needs, while at the same time remaining in line with U.S. Government (USG) foreign policy objectives. It also conforms to new Agency guidance that includes a more visionary and flexible approach to strategy design, arguably further justified in the cases of Serbia and Montenegro, where a number of political uncertainties, including the status of Kosovo and the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, could impact country needs as well as USG objectives. This Strategy addresses this challenging development context and derives from an overall vision of a democratic, prosperous Serbia (and Montenegro), moving toward Euro-Atlantic integration.
USAID Serbia and Montenegro, (2005): FY2006 Strategy Statement Serbia. Available from: http://www.usaid.org.yu/upload/documents/Budget/USAID_Strategy_for_Serbia_,Public_English.pdf, accessed 1.12.2006.


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